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Khan Speza, vile escaped subject of cruel magical experimentation, bides his time, gathering scattered lizardfolk tribes and taming other ferocious denizens near his deep jungle lair. A recent show of force revealed the looming threat to a nearby city, and it's up to brave adventurersto stop the mad tiger mage before it is too late! This trifold pamphlet adventure contains a fleshed-out dungeon delve that provides a night's worth of adventure, as well a setting-neutral hex map and short descriptions of locations surrounding the lair. This allows DMs to run the dungeon as a standalone, use the region as the seed for a new campaign, or to plop the entire area into an ongoing campaign.

This adventure is intended for characters of 1st-4th level and has a heavy focus on combat. All but the largest parties will be outnumbered during most encounters, encouraging clever tactics lest characters be outmatched. Monster stats, encounter resolution, and special treasures are kept largely abstract so the DM can use whichever statistics are appropriate for the edition of the game their group plays.


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