FH Stevens

Be a cat at 3.44 AM
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An Intelligence-based spellcasting class for 5E with unique spell progression and 75+ new spells!
#2 in the Solynn Saga. Nefariousness is afoot at Isami's shrine, and adventurers must get to the bottom of things!
A gang of religious zealots has seized control of a port town in this pamphlet adventure!
A 5E megadungeon campaign module with heavy old-school inspirations
Inspired by an image I found on Twitter, this is a silly one-page, one-night pamphlet adventure involving gnomes
Face down a mad magical tiger in this pamphlet dungeon delve full of old-school spirit!
Navigate the troubles plaguing a fertile lake in this pamphlet adventure inspired by old-school hexcrawls of yore
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Uncover the secrets of Arah's Mire in this pamphlet adventure inspired by old-school hexcrawls of yore